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GILBERT, SIR WALTER RALEIGH (1785-1853), divisional commander of the British army under Lord Hugh Gough in the first and second Anglo Sikh wars, son of the Rev Edmund Gilbert, was born in Bodmin, England, in 1785. In 1801, he joined the Bengal infantry as a cadet. He rose to be a major general in 1841, and lieutenant general in 1851. He commanded a division of the army under Sir Hugh Gough in the first Anglo Sikh war, in the battles of Mudki and Ferozeshah in December 1845, and at Sabhraori on 10 February 1846. Hugh Gough eulogized Gilbert`s services in his despatches.

Gilbert also commanded a division of Gough`s army in the second Anglo Sikh war, in the battles of Cheliarivala (13 January 1849) and Gujrat (21 February 1849). Gilbert was created a baronet in 1851. He died in London on 12 May 1853.

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