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BHULLA, BHAI, and Bhai Kulla, both Jhanjhi Sunars, accompanied by Bhagirath, a Soini Khatri, presented themselves before Guru Arjan and begged to be instructed in the pious way. The Guru told them, always to act like gurmukhs, and not like manmukhs. The Guru, according to Sikhan di Bhagat Mala, explained: "Gurmukhs are those who, turning their back on ego, heed the Guru`s word, who do not forget a good turn done to them but always forget anything done by themselves for the good of others. Still excelling gurmukhs are those who, having given up all ego, are good to others habitually, unmindful of how the others treat them.

A gurmukh finally is one who has attained gian, or true knowledge. He consciously acts for the weal of others, even of those who bear him ill will." "Manmukhs, on the contrary," continued the Guru, "are those egoridden persons who forget the good turn done them, but do not ever forget the injury inflicted upon them. Worse are those with malice towards all, good or evil. The worst are they who return evil for goodness. They are immune to the teaching of the Guru." Bhai Bhulla and his companions, enlightened by the Guru`s precept, continued to serve the sangat with devotion.

References :

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