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GONDA, CHAUDHARI, one of the headmen of the village of Muloval, now in Sarigrur district of the Punjab, was converted to the Sikh faith by Guru Tegh Bahadur. According to local tradition supported by old chronicles, when Guru Tegh Bahadur visited Muloval, he stopped near the village well to find it covered with bushes. The villagers explained that its water was brackish. The Guru told them to remove the bushes covering it, and declared the water to be sweet. Not only was the old well sweetened, the Guru persuaded the villagers to sink nine more wells.Everyone present was impressed and asked for the Guru`s blessing, but Gonda in his pride declined to receive the Guru`s benediction.

He declared that his own prophet, Sultan Sakhi Sarwar, could give him what he desired and that he was already the only village head. Thereat Guru Tegh Bahadur ignored him and bestowed siropd, or head dress of honour, on seven other notables of the village. Gonda left in a huff, but when he reached home and told his wife what had happened, the latter admonished him for not acknowledging the Guru who had blessed the whole village and given them sweet water. Gonda recanted and came back to the Guru to ask his forgiveness. He became a Sikh and the Guru blessed him and made him the chaudhan or the principal headman of the village again.

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