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SINGH, SUJAN (1909 - 1983)

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Singh, Sujan was born in 1909 at Dera Baba Nanak, Gurdaspur and died on 21st April 1983 in Amritsar, Punjab. He spent his early childhood in Bengal with his father who was a contractor there. After the death of his father when he was just 11 years old, he had to face the hard strains of economic stringency. After graduation, he started his career; as a storekeeper at the Lyold Bank. Later he moved from one job to another, working as teacher, headmaster and lecturer in Punjabi.

After doing his M.A. in Punjabi, he worked in different educational institutions and retired as Principal, Guru Nanak College, Gurdaspur. He is primarily known as a short story writer, although he has written light essays also. His short stories have the impress of his hard struggle in life, and give a vivid picture of the sufferings of the downtrodden and the middle classes. Some of his writings focus on the social and psychological problems of women. A writer of socialistic leanings, he is also an expert in the psycho- analytic delineation of characters.

His works include: Short story: Dukh sukh (1943), Dukh sukh ton pichhon (1946), Narkan de devte (1951), Sabh rang (1949), Nawan rang (1952), Manukh te pashu (1954), Sawal jawab (1950), Kalgia dian anian (1966); Light essays: Khumban da shikar (1970), Jamunji tusi bare hi rah. The award winning title Shahar Te Gran is his latest collection of short stories. With its exquisite language, piognant symbolism and social relevance the work has valuably added to the store of contemporary Punjabi literature.

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