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JASPAT RAI (d. 1746), a native of Kalanaur, in Gurdaspur district of the Punjab, was during Mughal times the faujddr of Eminabad, now in Gujrariwala district of Pakistan. A weal thy ^fl^m/ar and an influential courtier of Zakanya Khan, the governor of Lahore, he once ransomed Lakhpat Rai, his elder brother, who had been imprisoned for failure to discharge the dues of the army, as a result of which he was reinstated by Zakariya Khan in his office of diwdn or revenue minister. Jaspat Rai was in turn entrusted with the additional responsibility of checking the accounts of all the court nobles.

Early in 1746, he was involved in a clash with a band of Sikhs which, driven from place to place by Lahore troops, had taken refuge in a thicket, near the village of BaddokT Gosaiari, about 25 km north of Eminabad. Brought to bay in their hideout by Jaspal Rai, they fought desperately. Nibahu Singh, a Rarighrctta Sikh, catching hold of the tail of Jaspat`s elephant leapt on to its back, struck off his head with a single blow of his sword and jumped down liolding it in his hands. Seeing their master killed, the troops fled. Bava Kirpa Ram GosaTri of Baddoki, Jaspat Rai`s religious preceptor, ransomed his head on payment of 500 rupees, and performed the cremation rites. DTwan Lakhpat Rai, vowed to avenge his brother`s death, had a samadh built on the site.

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