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JAND SAHIB, GURDWARA, 5 km west of Chamkaur Sahib (SOS`N. 76°25`E) in Ropar district of the Punjab, stands at the fringe of a vast expanse of marshy grassland. It is sacred to Guru Gobind Singh, who after leaving Chamkaur on the night of 78 December 1705, took a westerly direction passing through a desolate wasteland which even now, during these days of expanding population and intensive cultivation, is no better than a treeless pasture. Here, where Gurdwara Jand Sahib now stands, the Guru stayed awhile under a jand tree to rest his weary limbs.

The day was already breaking when he got up to resume his journey. An early shepherd saw him and, out of fear, raised an alarm. The Guru gave him a gold coin and he was pacified. The Gurdwara constructed during the Sikh times comprises a small lowdomed room under the old jand tree in the centre of a highwalled square compound. Some other buildings, including a flatroofed hall and the Guru ka Larigar have since been added. The Guru Granth Sahib is seated in the original shrine and is attended by a solitary granthi.

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