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RAI BULAR, a Muhammadan noble of the Bhatti clan, was during the latter half of the fifteenth century the chief of Talvandi Rai Bhoi, the village where Guru Nanak was born in 1469. Rai Bular had great affection for young Guru Nanak and held him in high esteem. According to Janam Sakhi accounts, Rai Bular perceived the Divine in Guru Nanak and became a devotee. Once young Nanak was arraigned before him for having allowed the cattle herd he was tending to damage a farmer`s crop.

The Rai sent for Baba Kalu, the Guru`s father, and directed him to compensate the farmer for the damage. But footmen sent to estimate the loss reported that they had seen no damage whatsoever. Rai Bular was as much surprised as the complainant himself, who insisted that he had seen with his own eyes the whole crop ruined and the buffaloes sitting amidst it after they had heartily gorged themselves on it.On another occasion, Guru Nanak, while out with his herd, lay down to rest under a tree in the summer afternoon and fell asleep. After a while, Rai Bular along with his servants happened to pass by.

He was surprised to see a strange phenomenon. The shadows of other trees had travelled round with the sun, but not of the tree under which Nanak slept. Returning to the town, the Rai called Father Kalu and said to him, "Your son is a great man. He is the honour of my town. Kalu, thou hast become exalted and I too am exalted in whose town such a one has been born." Guru Nanak reciprocated the honour and affection extended to him by Rai Bular and never failed in between his long travels to visit him, who always felt blessed to see him. Even when he lay dying in 1515 circa, the Guru was by his bedside.

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