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RUKN UDDIN. QAZI or QADI (Rukan Din of the Janam Sakhis), supposed to be a shrine caretaker, chanced to meet Guru Nanak during his visit to Mecca. The Purdtan Janam Sdkht narrates the story: "It had been inscribed in books beforehand that Nanak, a dervish, would come. Then water would rise in the wells of Mecca. The Guru entered the holy precincts. He lay down in the colonnade to rest.

Then he fell asleep. His feet were stretched out towards the Ka`ba. It was time for the evening prayer. Qazi Rukn udDin came to say his namdz. When he beheld him lying in this posture, he spoke out, `0 thou, man of God, see! Thou street chest thy feet towards the House of God, the Ka`ba. Dost thou not see?` The Guru answered, `Where the House of God is not, turn my feet to that direction.` Then Qazi Rukn udDin dragged his feet round.

In whatever direction he turned his feet to that direction the Ka`ba was also turning. Qazi Rukn udDin became astonished and kissed his feet... He said, `Marvellous, Marvellous! Today I have seen a true faqir of God.`" Qazi Rukn udDin of this sdkhi or episode should not be confused with Shaikh Rukn udDin, grandson of Shaikh Baha udDin Zakaria of Multan, who had lived during the earlier part of the fourteenth century and died in 1335. In Bhai Gurdas, Varan, 1. 32, the name is Jivan which indicates a man of Indian domicile.

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