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Philosophy, Spirtuality & Ethics - The Sikh Encyclopedia -ਸਿੱਖ ਧਰਮ ਵਿਸ਼ਵਕੋਸ਼
Philosophy, Spirituality and Ethics

Philosophy, Spirituality and Ethics

The Sikh religious philosophy is covered in great detail in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh holy text. Detailed guidance is given to the follower on how to conduct his/her life so that peace and salvation can be obtained. The holy text outlines the positive actions that one must take to make progress in the evolution of the person. One must remember the Creator at all times – it reminds the follower that the “soul is on loan from God, who is ever merciful,” and that the follower must dedicate their life to all good causes - to help make this life more worthwhile.

SAUNA (SAUNAKA) Saturday—Consideration of the Shastra of Sauna (Saunaka, a sage) dealing with omens (whether an action is good or bad, which time is suitable or unsuitable for that action) is merely whim and ego; the whole world is deluded in it. (Bilawal M. 3. Var Sat, p. 841) That…
SHANKARA Shankara and thirty-three crore of gods meditated on the Lord, but could not know his secret. (Bairari M. 4, p. 719) Shankara does not know the secret of the Lord; the gods have accepted defeat in their search. (Ramkali M. 5, p. 894) Shankara, Vishnu and the incarnations of…
SHIVA Shiva, the sage, remains absorbed within himself, but he is full of wrath and ire. (Wadhans M. 3, p. 559) Shiva, the Yogi, though tired of smearing his body, could not know Thy end, O Lord! (Suhi M. 5, p. 747) Shiva does not know the secret of the…
SHUKRA The king Bali was proud of his wealth. He was puffed up greatly by performing Yajnas (sacrifices). By not consulting his Guru (Shukra), he went to the nether-regions (Patala). (Gauri M. l, p. 224) Shukra or Venus is one of the planets. Mythologically Shukra was the son of Bhrigu.…
SITA The ten-headed Ravana has tÃ¥ken away Sita, therefore Rama grieves..... (Shalok VÃ¥ran te Vadhik, M. l, p. 1412) The false Gurus sing about the episode of Rama and Sita. (Var Asa M. l, p. 465) Rama had lost his wife and had to wage a war with Ravana. (Gond…
SITALA (SHITALA) He who runs towards Bhairava, Bhuta (Ghost) or Sitala, he can only be recipient of the reward of the vehicle of an ass, who rolls up in the dust. (Gond Namdev, p. 874) Sitala is the name of the deity, who is supposed to have the charge of…
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