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BAHIR JACHCHH or Bahir Jakkh, a village in Samana tahsil of Patiala district, situated on the left bank of the Sarasvati, a small stream sacred to the Hindus, commemorates the visit of Guru Tegh Bahadur, who is believed to have stayed here with a devotee, Malla, a carpenter by trade. A small mud hut marked the site until Maharaja Karam Singh, of Patiala, in whose territory the village lay, had a proper gurdwara constructed in 1840. This, too, has since been demolished and replaced by a bigger gurdwara and a sarovar, holy bathing pool.

There is a story connected with the construction of the Mariji Sahib at BahirJachchh by Maharaja Karam Singh. It is said that once the Maharaja, accompanied by the Maharani, went on a pilgrimage to Pehova, which fell in the territory of Bhai Ude Singh of Kaithal. There arose a dispute over protocol between the Maharani and the Rani of Bhai Ude Singh as to who should take her dip in the Sarasvati first. The Rani of Kaithal remarked sarcastically that, if the Maharani of Patiala was so jealous other superiority even at holy places of pilgrimage, she should find a holy place in her own territory.

Maharaja Karam Singh, on his return to Patiala, enquired from the pandits whether there was not a comparable holy place within his dominions. The pandits recommended BahirJachchh for its location on the holy Sarasvati, for its connection with the story of the Mahabharata and for Guru Tegh Bahadur`s visit to the place. The Maharaja then got a gurdwara and a temple built in the village. The Gurdwara, named after Guru Tegh Bahadur but commonly called Gurdwara Bahir Sahib, is affiliated to the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee. The management for the present is in the hands of sants of Pehova who are supervising its reconstruction.

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