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HEHRAN is a village in Ludhiana district, on the Guru Gobind Singh Marg, 11 km north of Raikot (30°39`N, 75°37`E). Gurdwara Patshahi VI ate X at Hehran commemorates the visits of Guru Hargobind and Guru Gobind Singh. The former visited it during his tour of the Malva at the request of Bhai Hamira, a devoted Sikh. When Guru Gobind Singh came here after the battle of Chamkaur in 1705, a Sikh dharamsald was in existence here, with Kirpal Das Udasi, a veteran of the battle of Bharigani, as its head priest.

Kirpal Das was delighted at the unexpected visit of the Guru, but when he learnt that he had been expelled from Anandpur by imperial forces who might be in pursuit of him, his enthusiasm turned into cold politeness. Afraid of the possible consequences of sheltering a rebel, he gave a hint to the Guru not to linger on at Hehran, but hasten to a safer place. The Guru told him to shed his fear and remain firm in his faith. The Udasi derd continued to flourish under Kirpal Das and his successors. After the adoption of the Sikh Gurdwaras Act of 1925, the old derd was replaced by a new building, work on which started on 15 June 1951.

The new Gurdwara building consists of a large rectangular hall built on a high plinth with a vcrandah all around.The prakdsh as than, a squareshaped room open on one side, within the hall has a lotus dome above it. Largelyattended assemblies take place on the opening day of every Bikrami month. The birth anniversaries especially of Guru Nanak, Guru Hargobind and Guru Gobind Singh are celebrated with special fervour. Two holy relics arc also preserved here one, a bedstead used by visiting Gurus and a hearth used for cooking their food. The Gurdwara owns agricultural land and some real estate.

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