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UDDOKE, a village about 10 km from Batala (31"49`N, 75"12`E), on the boundary between Amritsar and Gurdaspur districts of the Punjab, is sacted to Guru Nanak, who stayed here on his way to Batala, where he got married in September 1487. Uddoke is in fact divided into two villages, Uddoke Khurd and Uddoke Kalan, without a distinct line to separate them. The shrine dedicated to Guru Nanak is in Uddoke Khurd which falls in Amritsar district, the other part lying in the district of Gurdaspur. According to Sri Guru Tirath Sangrahi by Tara Singh Narotam, the bridegroom here performed the ceremony of cutting a twig from a Jand tree.

The Gurdwara, formerly Called Kotha Sahib, is now named Gurdwara Thamm Sahib PatshahiI ate Damdama Sahib Patshahi VI. The latter part of the name was added in the belief that Guru Hargobind, the Sixth Guru, also stopped over here when travelling to Batala with the wedding party of his son, Baba Gurditta. The present building, comprising a square sanctum within a high ceilinged hall, was constructed in 1942. The dome above the sanctum has a brass pinnacle and an umbrella shaped finial. Square shaped domed kiosks rise above the corners of die hall. The Gurdwara is maintained by the local sangat of the twin villages.

References :

1. Narotam, Tara Singh, Sri Guru Tirath Sangrahi. Kankhal, 1975
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