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KHALSA DIWAN KHARA SAUDA BAR was established in 1912 by Jathedar Kartar Singh of Jhabbar, who became famous in the struggle for the liberation of Gurudwaras. The Diwan`s membership consisted mostly of Jatt Sikhs of the Virk clan who were concentrated in several villages (Jhabbar being one of them) around Chuharkana in the Lower Chenab Canal Colony in Sheikh upura district. Initially, this Diwan was engaged in purely religious and reformist activities and worked especially for the spread of education among Sikhs of this area. During 1919, in the wake of the Jalliarivala massacre, ihe Diwan veered round to politics and redcsignatcd itself Akali Dal Khara Sauda Bar, ultimately merging with the Shiromani Akali Dal established in December 1920.

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