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RAM SINGH (1744-1839), son of a Khatri belonging to Hasanvala in Gujrariwala district, was taken into the household of Charhat Singh Sukkarchakkia at a very young age. When he grew up, he rode in the chief`s troops. He considered Mahan Singh, son of Charhat Singh, his putreld (godson), whom he had initiated into the Sikh faith. Mahan Singh during his short life, treated Ram Singh with great respect and gave him large jdgirs. Ram Singh was a fine soldier, and along with his four sons served in Maharaja Ranjit Singh`s campaigns of Multan, Kashmir, Mankera, Peshawar and Bannu. He lived to the close of Ranjit Singh`s reign, and thus, having served grandfather, father and son faithfully and loyally, died in 1839 at the age of 95.

References :

Griffin, Lepel, and C.F.Massy, Chiefs and Families of Note in the Punjab. Lahore, 1909 S.S.B.

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    It turned out pretty decent son. Lived fascinating, happy and most importantly a long life. Until such an honorable age, few survive. Delightful.

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    What an interesting short biography about such important in history person. RAM SINGH is a very interesting kind of person. He had a great life and died justifiably.

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