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KIRPAL DAS, MAHANT, an Udasi prelate, was putting up with Guru Gobind Singh at Paonta Sahib at the time of the commencement of the battle of Bharigam, fought between the troops of hill chiefs and those of Guru Gobind Singh, in 1688. As his followers, not given to fighting ways, fled, Mahant Kirpal Das stayed back and joined action, flourishing his heavy mace or club. He was totally inexperienced in the art of war. Yet he engaged the Pathan chief, Hayat Khan, who dealt out a heavy blow with his sword. 

Kirpal Das received it on his club. Then rising in his stirrups and shouting vociferously Sal Sri Akal, he smote Hayat Khan`s head with his wooden truncheon so mightily that his skull was crushed.The scene is described by Guru Gobind Singh in the Bachitra Natak in an eloquent simile. He wrote: "Mahant Kirpal, raging, lifted his club and struck the fierce Hayat Khan on the head, upon which his brains spilt forth as butter flowed from the Gopi`s pitcher broken by Krishna.

" Mahant Kirpal Das was later keeper of the Udasi derd at village Hehar in Ludhiana district. He was visited by Guru Gobind Singh after the battle of Chamkaur. He, as a mark of respect, gave his shoulder to the palanquin on which the Guru was carried to the next village of Rajoana. .

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