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KUCHAJI, lit. an awkward, illmannered woman, is the title of one of Guru Nanak`s compositions, in measure Suhi in the Guru Granth Sahib. Antithetically it is followed by another of his compositions called Suchaji (lit. a woman of good manner and accomplishment). KuchaJi verses are said to have been addressed, by the Guru, to a sorceress named Nurshah, of Kamiup, who used to entice men by her magical powers. But the contents belie the conjecture. 

Whatever the occasion of this composition, it is a graceful poem expressing the emotions of a repentant person, who is figuratively called kuchajjihere (ku is a prefix meaning ill or contrary, chajj meaning manner or style, with 1 being the suffix of feminine singular).Speaking in the first person kuchajjl repents for being an undeserving bride of the Lord God. In Sikh hymnology, the devotee is often presented in the image of the bride, God in that of the bridegroom. The repentant devotee in Kuchaji regrets being unworthy of the Lord.

She realizes that she is full of faults, unredeemed by any virtues. She has been lured all the time by material gifts, remaining completely oblivious of the Giver. What is worse, she comprehended not her shortcomings. Now recounting her faults and failures, she expresses the hope that, in spite of what she has been, the Lord God might still, in His mercy, admit her into His company.

Kuchaji is the first of three compositions in a scries in measure Suhi in the Guru Granth Sahib. The other two arc Suchaji by Guru Nanak and Gunvanli by Guru Arjan. All three are notable for their lyricism and music and for their devotional ardour.

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