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SURAT SINGH, a warrior Sikh of the time of Guru Gobind Singh who, according to Samp Singh Kaushish, Guru kian Sakhian, fell fighting valiantly in the battle of Nirmohgarh (7 October 1700).

SOHAN CHAND, son of Mat Das, a Panvar Rajput, was a warrior Sikh of the time of Guru Gobind Singh. According to Sarup Singh Kaushish, Guru kian Sakhian, he fell fighting valiantly in the battle of Nadaun (20 March 1691).

SOBHA SINGH (1901-1986), painter, famous especially for his portraits of the Gurus, was born on 29 November 1901 in a Ramgarhia family of Sri Hargobindpur, in Gurdaspur district of the Punjab. His father, Deva Singh, had been in the Indian cavalry. At the age of 15, Sobha...
RAI SINGH was one of the Chali Mukte, the Forty Liberated Ones, who fell fighting for Guru Gobind Singh in the battle of Muktsar (29 December 1705). According to Bhalt Vahl Multdm Sindhi, Rai Singh was the son of Mai Das, a Vanjara Rajput, of `Alipur, in Multan district. ...
Jasuja, Gurcharan Singh made his name as a playwright when his play entitled Gaumukha Shermukha won in a competition organised by All India Radio since then he has contributed eleven full-length plays notable among which are Makri da Jal (the Cobweb), 1957; Kandhan Ret Dian (Walls of Sand), 1963; Ik...
BATTHA, BHAI, was a masand or local leader heading the Sikh congregation at Pattan Shaikh Farid, better known as Pakpattan, in Montgomery (now Sahival) district of Pakistan, during the time of Guru Har Krishan and Guru Tegh Bahadur. As is evident from a number of bukamnamas or edicts issued by...
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