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WELLESLEY PAPERS. Private correspondence and letters of Lord Wellesley, Governor General of India (1798-1805), at the British Library and Museum, London, important for the light it throws on British policy towards the cis Sutlej region and towards the Sikh Darbar. Part of this correspondence relating to the Afghan threat to...
SOHAN LAL (d. 1888), son of Chhaiju, the goldsmith, of Charkhi Dadri in the princely state of JJnd, was the steward of the estates of Thakur Singh Sandhanvalia`s mother in law, Rani Kishan Kaur of Ballabgarh. Thakur Singh, who liad set up an emigre government in Pondicherry in behalf of...
SAUNDHA SINGH, famous as Kavi (kavi= poet) Saundha, was born around 1750 at the village of Kale, in Amritsar district of the Punjab. He studied Hindi, Rekhta and Persian, as also music, under Gur Sahai Kundra of Thatti Nagar, near Chunian, in Lahore district. He launched upon his literary career...
SATVANT KAUR, whose full title is Snmatf Satvant Kaur di Jivan Vithia, is a historical romance by Bhai Vir Singh. Its first part was published in 1900 and the second in 1927. In later editions, both parts were combined in a single volume. The plot has been set against the...
PAHAR SINGH MAN (d. 1813) was son of Sarja Singh, of the Mughal Chakk family of the Mans. He entered the service of the Sukkarchakkias under Charhat Singh as a trooper and later became a commander. Under Mahari Singh, he served with distinction in the campaigns of Kofli and Sialkot....
HUKMA SINGH CHIMNI, commander cumcivil administrator under Maharaja Ranjit Singh. He was son of Ram Singh, of Bhera, who was the First one in the family to take the vows of Guru Gobind Singh`s amrita, and who entered the service of the Sukkarchakkia misi under Charhat Singh as a trooper....
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