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URI, an old town 54 km southwest of Baramula (S^ia`N, 74<)23`E) at the western end of the Kashmir valley, was visited by Guru Hargobind (1595-1644) on his way from Baramula to Naluchhi (now in Pakistan occupied territory). Gurdwara Patshahi Chhevin Param Pillan commemorating the visit is situated 6 km east of Un and marks the site where, according to local tradition, the Guru held a discourse with some Muslim holy men.

SACH KHAND GURUDWARA,CHUHRKANA, This holy shrine stands gloomily in the fields on the other side of the railway line only one kilometer from Gurdwara Sachcha Sauda. It was this spot where Baba Mardana had said that he was feeling hungry. Some Donkeys of a merchant laden with sugar were passing...
SALURI, a village 16 km north of Una along the Una Ambala road in Himachal Pradesh, is sacred to Guru Gobind Singh, who stayed here on his way to Nadaun early in 1691 AD. Gurdwara Patshahi Dasvin commemorating the Guru`s visit is situated on the left bank of the Suari,...
NANKANA SAHIB (31°28`N, 73035`E), named after Guru Nanak (1469-1539), who was born here on Baisakh sudi 3, 1526 Bk/ 15 April 1469, is a subdivisional town in Sheikhupura district in Pakistan. Its old name was Talvandi Rai Bhoe Ki or Talvandi of Rai Bhoe, a Muslim Rajput of Bhatti clan...
MATA JIT KAUR SAHIB GURUDWARA, ANANDPUR Guru Gobind Singh Sahib\'s first wife Mata Jit Kaur died at Anandpur Sahib on December 5,1700. She was cremated in the outskirts of Chakk-Nanaki in the boundary of the village of Agamgarh. Some one constructed a platform at the site where she had been...
MIHRA, BHAI, a resident of Bakala, now called Baba Bakala in Amritsar district of the Punjab, was a devoted Sikh of the time of Guru Hargobind. According to Gurbilds Chhevin Pdtshdhi, he built a new house and took avow not to live in it until the Guru had once sanctified...
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