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UNITY CONFERENCE, convened on 3 November 1932 at Allahabad by a small group of Hindu and Muslim leaders led by Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya and Maulana Shaukat `All, to which were invited delegates representing a broad spectrum of Indian religious communities, interest groups, and political organizations, aimed at drafting agreements...
KHALSA NATIONAL PARTY was founded in 1936 by two Sikh aristocrats, Sir Sundar Singh Majithta and Sir Jogendra Singh, with a view primarily to contesting legislative elections in the Punjab under the new scheme of reforms introduced by the British Inder the Government of India Act, 1935. According to the...
KHALSA CENTRAL COUNCIL, a society formed in Lahore in 1933 to safeguard the interests of the Sikhs, had a very short career. The occasion for the formation of the Council arose when Giani Sher Singh and Master Tara Singh, two prominent Sikh leaders of pre-partition Punjab, openly confronted each other...
GOMATI My Haj (Muslim Pilgrimage) is on the banks of Gomati, where lives my Pir (Guru) of yellow garments (i.e Krishna). (Asa Sri Kabir, p. 478) Gomati is a river in Uttar Pradesh. The Sikh Gurus and radical saints do not believe in religious rituals. Kabir, in the reference given...
COMMUNAL AWARD was an official statement of British government policy in respect of the composition of provincial legislatures as a further step in the transfer of responsibility to the Indian people. The Secretary of State for India presented the terms of the Award to Parliament as command paper 4147, and...

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