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GIRANTH is the title of the religious book of the Divana sect. The authorship of the book is generally attributed to Haria and Bala, two leading figures in the order who were themselves disciples ofMiharban, grandson of Guru Arjan, Nanak V. One of the manuscript copies of the Giranth which has not so far been printed is preserved in the private collection of Professor Pritam Singh at Patiala. DatedJeth 1792 Bk/May 1735, it comprises 694 folios. The contents of the Giranth are, like those of Sikh scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib, cast into musical measures such as Gaun, Asa, Bhairau, Prabhati, Gujari, Ramkali, Sorath, Majh, etc. Besides sabdasand slokasin different rdgas, the more important of the compositions in the Giranihare Sukhmam, Krishan Avatar Lildand GostiGorakh GanesKi. Sukhmam (ft. 189405), which covers about onethird of the manuscript and which is ascribed by name to Haria, is the most importan t text in the Giranth. The form is identical with that of Guru Arjan`s barn of the same name. It comprises 82 astpadis, each astpadi consisting of eight pauns and each paun having ten lines. Each paunis preceded by one or two slokas like Guru Arjan`s Sukhmam. Haria`s composition lays stress on simran, i.e. constant remembrance of God`s name. The Giranthcoses with a 57stanza verse titled Thutha, lit. an earthen cup or a begging bowl. I [appears to be a lyrical poem meant to be sung by the followers of this sect. Although the Divanas have little in common with the Sikh faith, the authors of the Giranthcs themselves Ndnakpant/n, i.e. the followers of Guru Nanak (f. 410).
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