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VISHNU Remember Vishnu again and again; By remembering Vishnu you will never suffer defeat.(Gauri Bawan Akhri Kabir, p. 342) At whose door should I take refuge, Vishnu, Shiva, an adept, a Muni or Indra. One may give you kingdom, the other may take you to heaven, rare one among a...
TULASI O Brahmin! worship the Lord as Salagrama and consider the good actions as the rosary of Tulasi leaves. (Basant Hindol M. l, p. 1170) Episode: A woman named Tulasi, after having been engaged in religious austerities for a long time, wanted the boon of becoming the wife of Vishnu....
SURSURI The moon abides in the forehead of Shankra (Shiva) and batnes in Sursuri (Ganges). (Dhanasari Trilochan, p-695) If the water of Sursuri becomes wine, the saints even then do not drink it; the impure wine and other waters, when they mix with the waters of Sursuri, they do not...
All that is known about Pilu is that he was a contemporary of Guru Arjan Dev, the fifth Sikh Guru. Two compositions of a very different kind are attributed to him: one, a collection of songs in a melancholy tone like that of a recluse or a hermit; and the...
PARCHI MANSUR JI KI is a versified account, in an episode mould, of the life of Mansur, the famous Sufi saint. The authorship of the work is not known for certain, though it is generally attributed to Bhai Sahaj Ram, a Sevapanthi saint. A manuscript copy of this still un-published...
GANDHARBA (GANDHARVA) NAGARI They are in maze on seeing a mirage and abide in Gandharva Nagari (Utopia). They only seem bedecked in their mind and body, who meditate on Truth. (Shalok M. 5, p. 1425) The Gandharvas generally had their dwelling in the sky or atmosphere. Their abode is thus...
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