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WELLESLEY PAPERS. Private correspondence and letters of Lord Wellesley, Governor General of India (1798-1805), at the British Library and Museum, London, important for the light it throws on British policy towards the cis Sutlej region and towards the Sikh Darbar. Part of this correspondence relating to the Afghan threat to...
NANU SINGH, priest of Gurdwara Sri Hazur Sahib, Nanded (Hyderabad), who served as an intermediary between Thakur Singh Sandharivalia, prime minsiter to Maharaja Duleep Singh in his emigre government at Pondicherry and his associates in the Punjab. Correspondence and messages to and from those working for the restoration of the...
MIAN KHIMA, Maharaja Duleep Singh`s favorite Muhammadan attendant who had served him since his childhood. He came with the Maharaja to Fatehgarh after the latter was dethroned and exiled from Lahore by the British in 1849. At Fatehgarh he was replaced by Bhajan Lal, an English educated young Brahman of...
JAMIAT SINGH, a water supplier by caste from the village of Mahimari Kaharari, in Amritsar district, was the son of Ratan Singh, a personal attendant of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Jamiat Singh continued in the service of Maharaja Duleep Singh as well and remained with him even after his deposition. He...
INDIA SECRET PROCEEDINGS (1834-1856), a manuscript series of Indian records at the India Office Library, London, succeeding Bengal Secret and Political Consultations (1800-34). It includes the entire range of despatches and correspondence of the North-West Frontier Agency from the heyday of Sikh political power in the Punjab down to the...
HOME MISCELLANEOUS SERIES is a manuscript series of records in the India Office Library, London. It is not chronologically arranged, and seems to have been classified to absorb surplus or duplicate copies of records which could not be included in the regular series. Many of the papers in this series...
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