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SYMBOLISM. The poetry of the Guru Granth Sahib is noteworthy especially for the wealth and variety of its images and symbols. The Gurus and sants whose compositions form part of the Holy Book have rendered their mystical and spiritual experience in the idiom of poetry. A large number of similes...
PARI (FAIRY) (Plural—Parian) It seems that the jewel-like Ragas (musical modes) and the families of fairies (Parian) have come to sing the hymns of praise. (Ramkali M. 3, Anand, p. 917) Pari or Peri is a Persian word for fairy. All over the world, people have believed in fairies. They...
PINGALA Ajamila Pingala, the bunter Lodia and the elephant went to the abode of the Lord; if such evil persons obtained salvation, O Ravidas, why do you not get emancipation ? (Kedara Ravidas, p. 1124) Pingala was a comely prostitute. One day she bedecked herself in order to attract some...
PAPA (Sanskrit and Pali papa, Prakrit pdva). The word stands for one of the basic concepts of the Indian religious tradition. This concept relates to what is considered religiously and morally evil, an act of body, mind, or speech opposed to what is considered religiously and morally good. In the...
KRODH (Ski. krodh(i) or wrath is an emotion recognised in the Sikh system as a spring of co-nation and is as such counted as one of the Five Evils. It expresses itself in several forms from silent sullenness to hysterical tantrums and violence. In Sikli Scripture krodh usually appears in...
FIVE EVILS or pancadokh or panj vikar as they are referred to in Sikh Scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib, are, according to Sikhism, the five major weaknesses of the human personality at variance with its spiritual essence. The common evils far exceed in number, but a group of five of...
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