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SANGRAM SHAH (popular name Sango Shah), the eldest son of Bhai Sadhu and BIbi Viro (the daughter of Guru Hargobind) and one of Guru Gobind Singh`s cousins. Sangram Shah, along with his four brothers, Jit Mall, Gulab Rai, Mahari Chand and Ganga Ram, fought in the battle of Bhangani (1688)....
SAID KHAN. a Mughal general, came in February 1703 at the head of a large army to invade Anandpur and force Guru Gobind Singh into submission. Guru Gobind Singh, who, according to Gur Ratan Mal (Sau Sakhi), had only 500 warriors with him at the time, came out of the...
ROSHAN SINGH, Sikh warrior in attendance upon Guru Gobind Singh, who once killed a lion single handed. During their journey to the Deccan in 1708, records Kuir Singh, Gurbilas Patshahi 10, Guru Gobind Singh and Emperor Bahadur Shah were out together on an hunting excursion when they suddenly found themselves...
NAJABAT KHAN (d. 1688), a Pathan belonging to Kurijpura, who joined the service of Guru Gobind Singh at Paonta Sahib. He however deserted the Guru on the eve of the battle of Bharigani (1688) and joined hands with the hill rajas. During the battle he came face to face with...
MANMUKH, the ego guided person, as opposed to gurmukh`who is Guru guided. The gurmukhmanmukh bipolarity represents the personality typology employed in the Sikh sacred literature. Basically it opposes and contrasts the ocentric and egocentric personality types. The word manmukh is compounded of man (mind, lower self) and mukh (face): thus...
LADDHA, BHAI, a Sikh widely respected for his piety, compassion and selfless service, lived in Lahore during the time of Guru Arjan. When Bhai Buddhu, as says Bhai Mani Singh, Sikhan di Bhagat Mala, solicited Guru Arjan`s blessing to cancel Bhai Lakkhu`s curse upon his brickkiln, the Guru deputed Bhai...
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