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ZORAWAR SINGH (1786-1841), military general who conquered Ladakh and Baltistan in the Sikh times and carried the Khalsa flag as far as the interior of Tibet. About Zorawar Singh\'s place of birth authorities differ. Major G. Carmichael Smyth, A Reigning Family of Lahore, says that he was a native of...
VIESKENAWITCH, a Russian adventurer, who, after several years of brigandage, escaped to Persia and took up service under Shah Abbas Mirza. He had attained the rank of colonel when he resigned and travelling through Central Asia, reached Peshawar in January 1829. Here he was employed by Pir Muhammad Khan Barakzai...
TREATY WITH GULAB SINGH, 16 March 1846. Gulab Singh Dogra was formally invested with the title of Maharaja on 15 March 1846 and on the following day was concluded between him and the British government a treaty whereby he was recognized as ruler of the hill territory of Jammu and...
TARA SINGH GHAIBA (1717-1807), chief of the Dallevalia clan, named after the village of Dalleval to which its founder, Gulab Singh, belonged. Tara Singh was a shepherd turned out law who joined Gulab Singh Dallevalia in his plundering raids. His dexterity in lifting cattle and flocks of sheep and his...
SURAJ MALL, son of Guru Hargobind, was born to Mata Maha Devi Marvahi, at Amritsar on 9 June 1617. He was married on 23 April 1629 to Khem Kaur daughter of Bhai Prem Chand of Kartarpur, in present day Jalandhar district of the Punjab. A son, Dip Chand, was born...
SOLDIER AND TRAVELLER: MEMOIRS OF ALEXANDER GARDNER, edited by Major Hugh Pearse, with an introduction by Sir Richard Temple, was first published in 1898 by William Black wood and Sons of Edinburgh and London, and was reprinted by the Languages Department, Punjab, in 1970. Alexander Gardner (1785-1877), a European adventurer...
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