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VANDAR, named after the Jatt clan who inhabits it, is a village 22 km southeast of Kot Kapura (30°35`N, 74°49`E) in Moga district of the Punjab. It has a historical gurdwara dedicated to Guru Gobind Singh, who made a brief halt here on his way from Dina to Kot Kapura....
KOTKAPURA (30°35`N, 74°49`E), town in FarTdkot district of the Punjab, was founded by Ghaudhari Kzpura (d. 1708), a Brar chief in the country south of the River Sutlej and an ancestor of the Faridkot family. When after evacuating Anandpur Guru Gobind Singh arrived here in December 1705 pursued by the...
KAPUR SINGH (1628-1708), an ancestor of the Fandkot ruling house, was born the son of Lala in 1628. He succeeded in 1643 his uncle, Bhallan, to the chaudhanat or headship of the Brar Jatts. He was a brave and able man, and consolidated his possessions winning many victories over BhattT...
GURUSAR PATSHAHI X, GURDWARA, lending its name to the village that has grown in its neighbourhood, stands near Saravan, a village 10 km south east of Kot Kapura (30°35`N, 74°49`E) in Faridkot district of the Punjab. It marks the site where Guru Gobind Singh put up on his way from...
DHILVAN KALAN, village 5 km southeast of Kot Kapura (30° 35`N, 74° 49`E) in Faridkot district of the Punjab, was the abode of Sodhi Kaul, shortened from Kaulnain, a descendant of Guru Arjan`s elder brother, Prithi Chand, and thus a collateral relation of Guru Gobind Singh. According to Bhai Santokh...
DAL SINGAR, lit. ornament or embellishment (singar) of the army (dal), was the name of one of Guru Gobind Singh`s warhorses.According to Bhai Santokh Singh, Sri Gur Pratap Suraj Granth, one Kapura Jatt, "master of several villages in the jungle," (the reference probably is to Chaudhari Kapura Bairar of Kot...
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