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WOLFF, JOSEPH (1795-1862), Christian missionary and traveller, who visited the Punjab in 1832, was born of Jewish parents at Weilersbach, near Bamberg (West Germany). He was coverted to Christianity in 1812. He studied oriental languages at Cambridge. Between 1821 and 1826, he travelled as a missionary in Egypt and the...
WELLESLEY PAPERS. Private correspondence and letters of Lord Wellesley, Governor General of India (1798-1805), at the British Library and Museum, London, important for the light it throws on British policy towards the cis Sutlej region and towards the Sikh Darbar. Part of this correspondence relating to the Afghan threat to...
Singh \'Shan\', Harnam, an eminent Punjabi poet, writer and journalist, was born at Dhamial (District Rawalpindi, now in Pakistan) in 1923 in the family of S. Sarban Singh Kochar. He did his post-graduation (English and Punjabi) from Punjab University, Chandigarh and his doctorate from the University of London in 1964...
SULTAN MUHAMMAD KHAN, one of the several sons of Painda Khan, was a gorgeous person known as "Sultan Bibi" on account of Ills excessive love of finery and ostentation. In 1830 Sultan Muhammad Khan became governor of Peshawar and a tributary of the Sikhs. About this time, he was forced...
SMITH, SIR HARRY GEORGE WAKELYN (1787-1860), divisional commander of the British army of the Sutlej, under Lord Hugh Gough, in the First Anglo Sikh war (1845-46). Pie was a veteran of the Peninsular war and had also taken part in the battle of Waterloo. He saw action at Ferozeshah (21...
NAU NIHAL SINGH, KANVAR( 1821-1840), son of Maharaja Kharak Singh, was born on 23 February 1821. According to the official Lahore diarist, Sohan Lal Suri, great rejoicing took place at his birth and a Persian chronogramA bouquet of wisdom`s garden was coined recording the year of his birth. Nau Nihal...
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