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VIDIA SAGAR GRANTH, lit. the book (granth) of the ocean (sagar) of wisdom {vidia), is the title given to a legendary literary corpus created at Anandpur under the patronage of Guru Gobind Singh. The volume, also known as Vidiasar Granth, Vidiadhar Granth and Samund Sagar Granth, was supposed to comprise...
TAPA (lit. a practidoner of physical austerities) is the name given by Sikh chroniclers to an ascetic who once came to Guru Ram Das and, proud of the penances he had undergone, said, "Thy Sikhs are very proud ; they acknowledge not the Vedas and the Puranas ; they make...
SHAH DAULA (158 IP1676), a renowned Muslim divine of his time, was the son of `Abd urRahim Khan Lodhi, a descendant of Sultan Ibrahim Lodhi and Niamat Khatun, a scion of the chiefs of Gakkhar tribe of western Punjab, though the Gu^jars of Gujrat, now in Pakistan, claim him as...

SATTA, also called Satta Dum because he was a du/n or miraslby birth, a rababior rebeckplayer to Guru Arjan, and co-composer, with Rai Balvand, of Ramkall ki Var, included in the Guru Granth Sahib in the Ramkali musical measure.

SANSRAM, son of Baba Mohan and a grandson of Guru Amar Das. According to Sarup Das Bhalla, Mahima Prakash, he lost his mother in infancy. His father being indifferent to worldly affairs, Guru Amar Das took him under his care. Sarisram grew up to be a gifted young man. He...
SADHARAN, SANT, was the name given by Guru Amar Das to one of his devoted Sikhs, a carpenter of Goindval, who had made a long wooden ladder for use in the baoli, or open well, then under construction. Pleased with his devotion and industry, Guru Amar Das called him Sant...
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