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KANGANPUR, a large village along KasurLodhrari railway line in Lahore district of Pakistan, had a historical Sikh shrine dedicated to Guru Nanak. Local tradition established Kariganpur as the locale of an episode given in the Purdtan Janam Sdkhi. It is said that once Guru Nanak accompanied by Bhai Mardana came to this village, but the villagers treated them with gross indifference. They did not even let them put up in the village. Before departing, the Guru blessed them saying, "Vasde mho May you live happily here" and went to the next village, Manak Deke, 3 km away. The inhabitants of this village warmly welcomed the visitors and extended to them their wonted hospitality. On leaving this village, Guru Nanak rcmakred, "Ujjarjdo May you be dispersed." Bhai Mardana was puxzlcd and questioned the Master about his strange way of blessing the wicked and cursing the virtuous. The Guru explained that in the former case he had wished the illmannered residents of Kariganpur to stay where they were, so that they did not spread their sullenness to people elsewhere, whereas he expected the people of Manak Deke to spread goodness by their gentle example. The Gurdwara Sahib at Kariganpur used to attract devotees especially on the first of every Bikrami month. It was the site of a largelyattended religious festival on the first of the month ofChet (midMarch) every year, until it was abandoned in AugustSeptembcr 1947 in consequence of the partition of India.
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