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TAKHT MALL, a Khahira Jatt and chaudhary or headman of Khadur, accepted the Sikh faith in the time of Guru Angad (1504-52). He served the Guru with devotion and always brought ample provisions for Guru ka Langar, the community kitchen.

SUJANA, BHAI, a warrior, was the devoted Sikh of Guru Hargobind. He fought with great valour in the battle of Amritsar against Mukhlis Khan in AD 1629.

PAKHAR, BHAI, a carpenter of Bushehar, who, along with his sonJhanda, as says the Bdldjanam Sdkhl, received instruction at the hands of Guru Nanak at the time of his visit to their town, and became a devotee.

MUL CHAND, BHAI father in law of Guru Nanak, was a Chona Khatri, resident of Batala, who looked after the lands of the Randhava Jatts of the village of Pakkhokc in present day Gurdaspur district of the Punjab. He had a daughter of marriageable age named Sulakkhani whom he betrothed...
HUMAYUN, NASIR UDDIN MUHAMMAD (1508-1556), Mughal emperor of India, was born at Kabul on 6 March 1508, the eldest of the four sons of ZahTr udDin Muhammad Babar. Humayuri succeeded Babar to the throne of Delhi in December 1530 at the age of 23, but his reign was beset with...

HASSU, BHAI, a blacksmith, was a devotee of Guru Nanak. According to Purdtan Janam Sdkhi, he and Bhai Sihari, a washerman, accompanied the Guru during his travel through Kashmir. They reduced to writing hymns uttered by Guru Nanak during this journey.

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