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YUGAS (AGES): In all the four ages, the True Bani (Divine hymns) is the ambrosia.(Dhanasan M. 3, p- 665) In all the four ages, they are seiled and full of dilt, whose mouths do not utter the Name of the Lord.(Sri Raga M. l, p. 57) The Yugas (ages) are...
TARIKHIMUZAFFARl, by Muhammad `All Khan Ansari, is the title of a Persian manuscript of much historical value copies of which are preserved in several libraries in India and abroad. The author belonged to a prominent family of Arab extraction, long resident at Panipat, in present day Haryana state. His grandfather,...
PUNJABI is the language of the Punjab. Spoken slightly differently in two parts of the Punjab after the State was politically split into two, East Punjab and West Punjab (or Pakistan Punjab), on 15 August 1947. But the Punjabispeaking population is not confined to the political boundaries of the two...
LAHORE POLITICAL DIARIES is how volumes III to VI of the Records of the Punjab Government arc collectively referred to. Comprising a part of the British Government records published in nine volumes during the early years of the twentieth century, these four volumes deal with the regency period, 1846-49. They...
Kanwal, Kesar Singh is a femous short story writer of this period who has pursued the same tendency of reforming certain evils of our society. By going through the stories of his collection Prem Dian Tahngha one feels that no doubt in his aim he is one with other short...
JIVAN SINGHVALA, village 18 km southeast of Bathinda (30°14`N, 74°59`E) along the link road leading to Talvandi Sabo, claims a historical shrine, Gurdwara Gurusar Patshahi DasvTri, dedicated to Guru Gobind Singh who, according to local tradition, stayed here for a brief period in 1706 while travelling from Kot ShamTr to...
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