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GURDWARA SHAHIDGANJ BABA GURBAKHSH SINGH, a small shrine standing in a narrow bazar behind the Akal Bunga, commemorates the saga of heroism of Baba Gurbakhsh Singh Nihang and his twenty-nine comrades who faced a Durrani horde in December 1764 and fell to the last man fighting in defence of the...
RAMA In the Narne of my king Ramchand son of Jasrath Rai (Dasrath), says Nama (Namdev), I drink the essence and ambrosia. (Ramkali Namdev, p. 973) O Pundit! I also saw your Ramchand coming. He had a quarrel with Ravana and lost his wife. (Gond Namdev, p. 875) Kabir Says,...

RUKMAGADA Remembrance of the Name of the Lord was a constant function of Rukamagad..... (Swayye Mahle Teeje Ke, p. 1394) Rukmagada was a king, who always meditated on the Name of the Lord. (See Narada Purana, chapters 9 to 38).

RAM SINGH, a skilled artisan from Chunar Fort near Kashi (Varanasi) in Uttar Pradesh, who was with Guru Gobind Singh at Paonta. According to Sukha Singh, Gurbilds Dasvrn Patshahi, he improvised a gun carved out of a tree trunk. The Guru is said to have used it...
PITAMBAR PIR My hajj (pilgrimage) is performed on the bank of Gomati, where lives my Pitambar Pir (the Preceptor Krishna who wears yellow clothes) (Asa Kabir_ p. 4J8) Pitambar Pir and Pit Basan (see p. 1402) are the two epithets used for Krishna, who is said to be the wearer...
NILA GHORA, lit. blue horse, was a dark coloured stallion favourite of Guru Gobind Singh. The Guru`s fondness for him passed into legend and he is remembered to this day as nile ghore  vala, the Rider of the Blue Horse.
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