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TAKHT MALL, a Khahira Jatt and chaudhary or headman of Khadur, accepted the Sikh faith in the time of Guru Angad (1504-52). He served the Guru with devotion and always brought ample provisions for Guru ka Langar, the community kitchen.

TRUMPP S TRANSLATION OF PORTIONS OF THE GURU GRANTH SAHIB, first published in 1877 under the title The Adi Granth, was the earliest attempt at rendering the Scripture of the Sikhs into another language. The translator, Dr Ernest Trumpp (1828-85), an eminent linguist proficient in several languages, western as well...

SUJANA, BHAI, a warrior, was the devoted Sikh of Guru Hargobind. He fought with great valour in the battle of Amritsar against Mukhlis Khan in AD 1629.

SRI GURU UPKAR PRACHARNI SABHA, i.e. an association for the propagation of the Guru`s deeds of compassion and charity was formed by a group of Sikh youth at Amritsar during the opening years of the twentieth century, with Bhai (also known as Pandit, being a learned scholar of religion) Ganda...

PAKHAR, BHAI, a carpenter of Bushehar, who, along with his sonJhanda, as says the Bdldjanam Sdkhl, received instruction at the hands of Guru Nanak at the time of his visit to their town, and became a devotee.

NAYYA, BHAI, a Khullar Khatri, was a prominent Sikh of the time of Guru Ram Das. Bhai Gurdas describes him, in his Varan, XI. 17, as "Nayya Khullar, beloved of the Guru himself."

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