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TABI DARI, lit. subordination or obedience, was a system of non proprietory but permanent and hereditary land tenure during Sikh rule in the Punjab. The holders of tabi`dan tenure were equivalent to those who since Mughal times had been known as muzari ariimaurusi or occupancy tenants. It was prevalent in...
SIKHS AND AFGHANS, THE, by Munshi Shahamat `All, the Journal of an expedition to Kabul through the Punjab and die Khaibar Pass in 1838-39 kept by the author, who accompanied Colonel Wade and Shahzada Taimur, Shah Shuja`s eldest son, with an auxiliary force under a treaty made in 1838 between...
MIRZA SINGH (d. 1787),wasson of Chuhar Singh, a Shergil Jatt. One of his ancestors, Chaudhari Sarvani, had founded the village of Naushera, also known as Raipur Sarvani, during the reign of Emperor Shah Jahari and was permitted to hold it rent free as remuneration for collecting the revenue of the...
LANGAH, BHAI, a well known figure in early Sikh history, was originally a follower of Sultan Sakhi Sarwar. Son of Abu ulKhair, a Dhillon Jatt with a Muslim name, belonging to the village of Jhabal, in the present Amritsar district of the Punjab, he was one of the three chaudharis...
KHALSA DARBAR RECORDS, official papers in Persian, written in a running shikasid hand, pertaining to the civil, military and revenue administration of the Punjab under the Sikhs covering a period of 38 years, Samvat 1868 to Chet 1906 (AD 1811 to March 1849). These documents, which came into the hands...
JASSA SINGH NAUSHEHRA NANGLI (b. 1793), son of Kahn Singh was born to Shergil Sikh family of Naushehra Narigal, a village in Amritsar district. One Chaudhari Sarvani, a descendant of Sher, founder of the tribe, built the village of Naushehra, also called Raipur Sarvani, during the reign of Emperor ShahJahari....
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