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SHAHID BILAS (BHAI MANI SINGH), by Kavi Seva Singh, is a biography in verse of Bhai Mani Singh, a Rajput warrior of Panvar clan, whom the poet identifies with Bhai Mani Singh, the martyr. Seva Singh, son of Kesar Singh Kaushish, was a bhatt or family bard of one of...
SEVA SINGH, BHAI (1882-1945), journalist and author, was born in 1882 at Sarai Alamgir, in Gujrat district (now in Pakistan), where his father, Lal Sihgh, was a village moneylender. Passing his middle school examination from Jehlum, he trained as a junior vernacular teacher at Rawalpindi, and took up service at...
SEVA SINGH, BHAI (1897-1921). one of the Nankana Sahib martyrs, was born in Magghar 1954 Bk/November December 1897, the son of Bhai Ishar Singh and Mai Atto of Chakk No. 80 Nizampur Mula Singhvala, district Sheikhupura. He attended the village primary school and also learnt land or the Mahajani script...
SEVA SINGH THiKRIVALA (1882-1935), one of the founders of the Praja Mandal, a platform for ventilating the grievances of and for an open expression of the political opinion of the inhabitants of territories, mainly in the Punjab, ruled by Indian princes during British times, was born at Thikrivala, a village...
SEVA SINGH KRIPAN BAHADUR (1890-1961), Akali activist and newspaper editor, was the son of Bhai Harnam Singh and Mai Prem Kaur of Bakhtgarh, village 18 km northwest of Barnala (30"22`N, 75"32`E), in Sangrur district of the Punjab. Born in 1890, he received lessons in Punjabi and in scripture reading in...
SEVA, from Sanskrit root sev (to serve, wait or attend upon, honour, or worship), is usually translated as `service` or `serving` which commonly relates to work paid for, but does not convey the sense in which the term is used in the Sikh tradition. The word seva has, in fact,...
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