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MORINDA (SOWN, 76°29`E), also called Baganvala, an old village in Ropardistrict of the Punjab, has a historical shrine called Gurdwara Shahidgarij. On 7 December 1705, as Guru Gobind Singh along with his two elder sons and a handful of disciples, was locked in an unequal battle with the besieging hordes at Chamkaur, his aged mother, Mata Gujan, and the two younger sons, betrayed by their domestic servant, Garigu, were taken into custody at Kheri (now Saheri) and brought to Morinda byJani Khan and Mani Khan, the Rarighar headmen. They were despatched the next day to Sirhind where they were bricked alive in a wall and then executed on 13 Poh 1762 Bk/ 12 December 1705 (27 December now according to new calendar). The place where they were interned at Morinda is now marked by Gurdwara Shahid Garij. At the end of 1763, the Dal Khalsa, before advancing on Sirhind, attacked and destroyed Morinda. Jani Khan and Mani Khan and their entire male progeny were killed. The Gurdwara, in the western part of the town, is said to have been built by Raja Bhup Singh of Ropar, who also donated a plot of gardenland to it. The present buildings are in a walled compound entered through a doublestoreyed gateway. The divan hall, with a square sanctum in the middle, stands on a raised base. Buildings for the langar and for residential accommodation are in a separate enclosure. The Gurdwara is administered by the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee.
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