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TARAPUR, a village 5 km east of Anandpur (310 14N, 760 31`E) in Ropar district of the Punjab, is sacred to Guru Gobind Singh, who constructed a fortress here after his return from Paonta in 1688. He also had a baoli (open well with steps leading down to water level)...
SYMBOLISM. The poetry of the Guru Granth Sahib is noteworthy especially for the wealth and variety of its images and symbols. The Gurus and sants whose compositions form part of the Holy Book have rendered their mystical and spiritual experience in the idiom of poetry. A large number of similes...
LANGAR CHHANNI, a village in Ambala district of Haryana, about 13 km southeast of Ambala cantonment (30°21`N, 76"50`E), is sacred to Guru Tcgh Bahadur. According to local tradition, the Guru halted in this village while travelling from Haridvar to Lakhnaur Sahib along witli the members of his family. Larigar Chhanm...
JIVA or living being is not merely physical or material body (deha). It is not even biological or vital breath (prdna). Nor is it just a cluster of senseimpressions {manas), nor intellect {buddhi), nor ego {ahankdrd). The essence of jiva is something beyond all these. It is the Transcendent Self...
JATAULI, a village 5 km south of Nurpur Bedi in Ropar District of Punjab, is sacred to Guru Gobind Singh, who, according to local tradition, came here from Basali after the battle of Nirmohgarh in October 1700, and stayed for a short time. Gurdwara Damdama Sahib Patshahi Dasvin commemorates the...
JAND SAHIB, GURDWARA, 5 km west of Chamkaur Sahib (SOS`N. 76°25`E) in Ropar district of the Punjab, stands at the fringe of a vast expanse of marshy grassland. It is sacred to Guru Gobind Singh, who after leaving Chamkaur on the night of 78 December 1705, took a westerly direction...
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