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Vuk, Kulwant Singh is an eminent short-story writer. His stories are fast-moving, well-trimmed and modern. His portrayal of the rural society of central Punjab is gripping with intellectual, rational and psychological approach. He has been able to delineate realistically men in the services with an urban middle class background besides...
Singh, Gurdial born in 1933, is a famous Punjabi novelist, short story writer, and poet. He has written eight novels and five collections of short stories. He presents socio-economic struggle with sentiments and understanding. He did his graduation in 1964 and master of arts (Punjabi) in 1967. Gurdial Singh started...
Singh, Gur Baksh was a pioneer in the field of refined Punjabi prose-writing. He has to his credit two novel and several collections of essays and short stories. His writing has been widely translated into Russian and other European Languages. He was the first prose writer in Punjabi to emphasis...
All that is known about Pilu is that he was a contemporary of Guru Arjan Dev, the fifth Sikh Guru. Two compositions of a very different kind are attributed to him: one, a collection of songs in a melancholy tone like that of a recluse or a hermit; and the...
Phul, Gurdial Singh, born at Nangal Shama in Jalandhar district in 1911 and died in Amritsar on 20 October, 1989, was a distinguished Punjabi playwright and short story writer. After adequate schooling he did his graduation in 1931 and obtained master\'s degree in Punjabi in 1937. Besides, he passed his...
The (Kairaus) Kauravas who had brothers like Durjodhana and uttered "everything is ours"; their canopy was spread over twelve yojanas (over 48 miles) but (in the battlefield) their bodies were eaten by vultures. (Dhanasari Namdev, pp. 692-93) The Kairaus or Kauravas were the sons of the king Dhritarashtra and his...
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