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SURJIT SINGH MAJlTHIA (1912-1995) with acquiline features and large luminous eyes was a very hand some looking man. He cut an extraordinarily impressive figure on the fiekl of sport. Alert and agile, he was a cricketer of considerable repute. Besides, he filled several leadership roles in the social and political...
SUNDAR, BABA, celebrated for his six stanza composition, the Ramkali Sadu, incorporated in the Guru Granth Sahib, was the great grand son of Guru Amar Das. His father, Anand Das son of Baba Mohri, was a man of a devout temperament. Sundar grew up in an environment of faith and...
SUNDAR SINGH, SANT GIANI (1883-1930), teacher of the sacred texts and exegete from whose seat in his native village the Bhindrarivala school of Sikh learning derived its name, was born on 18 August 1883, the son of Khazan Singh and Mahitab Kaur alias Tab Kaur, a devoted couple of Bhindar...
SUNDAR SINGH, RAGI (1892-1937), head musician at Sri Harimandar at Amritsar, was born at Amritsar in 1892, the son of Bahi Amar Singh Arora, himself a musician of considerable standing. Sundar Singh served his apprenticeship with Bhai Atra, a well known rababi (rebeckplayer), who was a disciple of Bhai Moti,...
SUNDAR SINGH, BHAI (1881-1921), one of the Nankana Sahib martyrs, belonged to Nizampur Deva Singhvala, near Dharovali in Sheikhupura district. His original name was Sudh Singh. He was the son of Bhai Chanda Singh Kamboj and Mat Hukami and was born in July August 1881, at their ancestral village Nizampur...
SUNDAR SINGH MAJITHIA, SARDAR BAHADUR SIR (1872-1941), statesman and reformer, was the younger son of Raja Surat Singh (d. 1881). He was born on 17 February 1872 at Majitha (31038`N, 74052`E), a village 18 km northeast of Amritsar (hence the surname Majithia). He was educated at Government School, Amritsar, and...
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