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ZAFARNAMAH, Guru Gobind Singh\'s letter in Persian verse addressed to Emperor Aurangzib included in the Dasam Granth. The word zafarnamah is a compound of Arabic zafar, meaning victory, and Persian namah, meaning letter. Zafarnamah thus means a letter or epistle of victory. Pressed by a prolonged siege, Guru Gobind Singh...
RUKN UDDIN. QAZI or QADI (Rukan Din of the Janam Sakhis), supposed to be a shrine caretaker, chanced to meet Guru Nanak during his visit to Mecca. The Purdtan Janam Sdkht narrates the story: "It had been inscribed in books beforehand that Nanak, a dervish, would come. Then water would...
KAM (Skt. kdmd), meaning desire, longing, concupiscence, sensuality or lasciviousness, is counted among the five cardinal sins or sinful propensities. In common usage, the term stands for passion for sexual pleasure and it is in this sense that it is considered an evil in Sikhism. In Brahrnanical literature kdm is...
IBRAHIM, SHAIKH (Shaikh Farid of the Janam Sakhi), twelfth in succession from the famous Sufi saint, Shaikh Farid udDin GanjiShakar (1173-1266), held the seat of the earlier Shaikh at Pakpattan in the present Sahiwal (former Montgomery) district of Pakistan when Guru Nanak (1469-1539) was travelling in these parts. Shaikh Ibrahim,...
HIRANYAKSHA (pronounced as Harnakhash) (Killed by boar incarnation of Vishnu. He may not be mistaken as father of Prahlada). Which ones were not ferried across by the remembrance of the Lord? Those of the flying birds like Hansa Avstår, those of the fish form like fish incarnation, those of the...
BHANU, BHAI, BhaiJattu, Bhai Nihalu and Bhai Tiratha, all Chaddha Khatris, were devoted Sikhs. Once they presented themselves before Guru Arjan to have a doubt resolved. They made obeisance to the Guru and said, "Lord, in one of your hymns there is a line: `He alone kills and He alone...
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