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YUGAS (AGES): In all the four ages, the True Bani (Divine hymns) is the ambrosia.(Dhanasan M. 3, p- 665) In all the four ages, they are seiled and full of dilt, whose mouths do not utter the Name of the Lord.(Sri Raga M. l, p. 57) The Yugas (ages) are...
MERU (SUMERU) There are many Karma-bhumis (action-oriented worlds) and many Merus mountains)..... (Japu, p. 7) On the mountains (Meru Sumeru) many peacocks dance when the clouds are overcast. (Nal M. 4, p. 983) I ascended Sumeru and came back after searching the Lord. The Lord who has built this fort...
KAPILA (KAPILADA) The great Yogis like Kapila etc. sing the Praises of Godlike (Guru Nanak) (Swayye Mahle Pahle Ke, p. 1389) Kapila, the celebrated sage, was the founder of Sankhya philosophy. He is sometimes identified witMi Vishnu. He lived in the nether-regions (Patala) and is sakf to have destroyed sixty...
INDRA Millions of Indras serve the Lord. (Bhairo Kabir, p. 1163) Indra was ordered and it rained heavily. (Var Malar M. l, M. 3, p. 1281) One has to die ultimately in Indra Purt. (Gauri M. 5, p. 237) Indra received the punishment of one thousand marks of disgrace and...
GAUTAMA Indra seeing Ahalya, the wife of ascetic Gautama was allured. But (with the curse of Gautama) he had a thousand disgraceful marks on his body; then he repented in his mind. (Prabhati M. l, pp. 1343-44) Because of the punishment of a thousand disgraceful marks, Indra wept..... (Var RamkaU...
BHAGIRATHA Jaharnavi (Ganges) was brought by Bhagiratha. (Malar M. 4, p. 1263) He was the son of king Dilipa, and a descendant of king Sagara. The horse of the Aswamedha Yajna of king Sagara had been led astray by Indra to the nether-regions (Patala) at the place of meditation of...
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