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ZAKARIYA KHAN (d. 1745), who replaced his father \'Abd us-Samad Khan as governor of Lahore in 1726, had earlier acted as governor of Jammu (1713-20) and of Kashmir (1720-26). He liad also taken part in Lahore government\'s operations against the Sikh leader Banda Singh Bahadur. After tlie capture of Banda...
VIR SINGH. BHAI (1872-1957), poet, scholar and exegete, was a major figure in the Sikh renaissance and in the movement for the revival and renewal of Punjabi literary tradition. His identification with all the important concerns of modern Sikhism was so complete that he came to be canonized as Bhai,...
VAIROKE, village 3 km west of Lopoke, in Amritsar district of the Punjab, claims a historical shrine sacred to Guru Nanak, who once visited it during his travels through these parts. According to local tradition, the Guru, sitting here on a dead her tree trunk discoursed with a Muslim faqir,...
VAIRAG, usually bairagor sometimes virag`in Punjabi, is derived from Sanskrit vairagya meaning "change or loss of colour, growing pale ; disgust, aversion, distaste for or loathing of ; freedom from all worldly desire, indifference to worldly objects or to life ; asceticism," or analysed as vi (prefix denoting disunion, separation,...
LAWRENCE, SIR HENRY MONTGOMERY (1806-1857), elder brother of Governor General John Laird Mair Lawrence, was born on 28 June 1806 at Matura, in Ceylon. After education at schools in Londonderry and Bristol, he joined the Bengal Artillery, in 1823, as a Second Lieutenant. In 1833, lie was appointed an officer...
KRODH (Ski. krodh(i) or wrath is an emotion recognised in the Sikh system as a spring of co-nation and is as such counted as one of the Five Evils. It expresses itself in several forms from silent sullenness to hysterical tantrums and violence. In Sikli Scripture krodh usually appears in...
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