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ZAFARNAMAH, Guru Gobind Singh\'s letter in Persian verse addressed to Emperor Aurangzib included in the Dasam Granth. The word zafarnamah is a compound of Arabic zafar, meaning victory, and Persian namah, meaning letter. Zafarnamah thus means a letter or epistle of victory. Pressed by a prolonged siege, Guru Gobind Singh...
TANKHAHNAMA, by Bhai Nand Lal, is a Sikh penal code laying down punishments and fines for those guilty of religious misconduct. Tankhah, a Persian word, actually means salary, reward or profit, and nama, also Persian denoting an epistle, a code or a catalogue. In Sikh usage, however, tankhah stands for...
Singh \'Sehrai\', Piara is a contemporary of \'Safeer\' and several other better known poets of today. His verse has an altogether different flavour from the rest of Punjabi poetry that is being written today. It does not have the lyricism of Mohan Singh or the subtlety of \'Safeer\' or the...
Singh, Karanjit, a University teacher, has authored two collections of poems. These are Rishte (Relations) and Phul Vi Angare Vi (Both Blossoms and Sparks) besides a collection of sketches called Kalam di Akh (Pen Portraits) a critique of Mohan Singh\'s poetry ”Mohan Singh Kavya Adhyan (A Study of Mohan Singh\'s...
Singh \'Josh\', Sohan writes under the pen name of \'Josh\'. He is adept in both Punjabi and Urdu. He has already published four collections in Punjabi. They are Dhup Chhan (Sunshine and Shade), Samen di Mang (Need of the Hour), Goongi Dharti (The Mute Earth) and Balde Bujde Akkar (Words...
A veteran political activist, Santokh Singh \'Dheer\' is bold, outspoken, down-to-earth and yet essentially poetic. He was born in Bassi Pathana, Punjab in 1920. He is a whole-time and his prolific contribution to literature includes nine short story collections, four novels, eleven books of verse, two edited volumes of folk...
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