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Jasuja, Gurcharan Singh made his name as a playwright when his play entitled Gaumukha Shermukha won in a competition organised by All India Radio since then he has contributed eleven full-length plays notable among which are Makri da Jal (the Cobweb), 1957; Kandhan Ret Dian (Walls of Sand), 1963; Ik Hero di Talash (Search for a Hero), 1977; Umra Lambi Daur (Lifelong Race), 1981; and Jungle, 1986. He also has six collections of one-act plays to his credit Gaumukha Shermukha (Cow-face Lion-face), 1955; Char Diwari (The Four Walls), 1964; Pachhtawa (Regret), 1965; Aap Biti Jag Biti As It Happened), 1975; Sikhar Dupehr Ate Hanera (Mid-day and Darkness), and Paras di Chhoh (The Touch of Alchemy). Jasuja\'s main concern is the projection of the contemporary social reality highlighting its oddities. While he conforms to the traditional mould generally, he has also experimented with technique in plays like Jungle. He is the recipient of several awards including the Punjabi Academy Delhi Award (1983), Delhi Natya Sangh Award (1986), and the Sahitya Kala Parishad Award (1988).

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