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SHIKAR GARH PATSHAHI CHHEVIN,GURUDWARA This place, related with the visit of Guru Hargobind to Lahore, is situated at Ferozepur Road, little ahead of Muzang. There was a thick jungle at that time here. The Guru hunted here. There is a dry tank near this place which was got dug by...
LUBHATA Ajamila, Pingula, Lubhata and Kunchara (elephant) went to the abode of the Lord. Such like evil persons attained salvation, why can\'t you, O Ravidas! (Kedara Ravidas, p. 1124) The word Lubhata has been used for a hunter named Lodia. He did selfless service of the saints. He got good...
Jarasandha and Kalajamuna (Kalayavana) were killed. (Gauri M. l, p. 224) Kalayavana was the king of \'Faaras\' and a great friend of Jarasandha. He \'wanted to conquer Mathura, for which he performed penance and received a boon from Shiva that none of the Yadavas would be able to kili him....
The (Kairaus) Kauravas who had brothers like Durjodhana and uttered "everything is ours"; their canopy was spread over twelve yojanas (over 48 miles) but (in the battlefield) their bodies were eaten by vultures. (Dhanasari Namdev, pp. 692-93) The Kairaus or Kauravas were the sons of the king Dhritarashtra and his...
DHARISHTA BUDDHI As fol Chandrahasa, Dharishta Buddhi was in great anguish, he himself caused to bum (destroy) his own house. (Nat M. 4, p. 982) The king Sudharma of a Southern State was attacked by a neighbouring king Kantuhal. He was slain in battle. His wife became a Sati on...
CHANDRA-HASA As for Chandrahasa, Dhrishta Buddhi was in great anguish. He himself caused to burn (destroy) his own house. (Nat M. 4, p. 982) He was prince of a Southern\' State. His father was killed in battle and his mother became Sati on the funeral pyre of her husband. He...
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