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Tiwana, Dalip Kaur is a foremost novelist and short-story writer of contemporary Punjabi literature. She has mostly written about the mind scape of the downtrodden women and her secondary position in society. Even if some of the women in her novels are educated and economically independent, they are unable to...
TIKA, derived from the root tik, a loan word from the aboriginal languages, meaning `to mark` or `to explain`, signifies commentary, exegesis or explanation, especially of a scriptural text. Originally meant to provide a simple paraphrase of the spiritual and mystical revelations, a tika may now embrace an exhaustive analysis...
Singh, Narinderpal is one of the leading novelists of the Punjabi language. He was born at Kama Bungalow in District Lyallpur (now in Pakistan). Formerly in Defence Services, he retired as Brigadier in 1972. He was commissioned in 1942 and served in West Asia during World War II. He served...
SRIJASSA SINGH BINOD, manuscript dealing with the career of Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluvalia (1718-83), a prominent Sikh warrior of the eighteenth century and founder of the erstwhile state of Kapurthala in the Punjab, was written by Ram Sukh Rao at the instance of Sardar Fateh Singh, ruler of Kapurthala from...
SAKHlAN BHAI ADDAN SHAH is a collection of sakhis or anecdotes concerning Bhai Addan Shah, a celebrated saint of the Sevapanthi sect. The extant manuscripts of the work are all undated, but the surmise is that these were written around the middle of the eighteenth century when Bhai Addan Shah...
RISALAINANAK SHAH, a Persian manuscript by Buddh Singh Arora of Lahore, who was employed in the court of the Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II (1759-1806) at Delhi, written in 1783 in collaboration with Lala Ajaib Singh Suri of Malerkotla. The work deals with the history of the Sikhs from the...
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