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AHWAL-I-DINA BEG KHAN , Persian manuscript of unknown authorship, gives biographical details about Adina Beg Khan, faujdar of Jalandhar. The manuscript forms part of the collection of Persian Manuscripts, Sir H.Elliot's Papers, Additional MS. 30780 (ff. 2152-92), Extracts relating to India, vol. VIII. 1 , preserved in British Library, London. Copies of the manuscript are also held by Panjab University Library, Lahore, Sikh Historical Research Department, Khalsa College, Amritsar, and Dr Ganda Singh Collection at Punjabi University, Patiala (25 pages in neat and clear handwriting).

The last named collection also holds an English translation of the manuscript. According to the author, Dina (Adina) Beg Khan was born in a poor Arain, vegetable growing, family in Sharakpur Patti village, near Lahore. He started his career as a sepoy exercising jurisdiction over a few villages in Lohian area near Sultanpur Lodhi for revenue collection. He, through his own prudence and astuteness and by the help of his patron, Lala Sri Nivas Dhir, a wealthy merchant of Sultanpur, rose, not without undergoing several ups and downs, to be the virtual ruler of the Jalandhar region. Shrewd in diplomacy and statecraft, he developed as it suited his interests friendly relations, with Mughal governors, Afghan invaders, Sikh chiefs and the Marathas. He married only towards the close of his career, but divorced his bride as soon as he learnt that she came of a high Sayyid caste. Thus he died childless and his territories and treasure were upon his death usurped by local chieftains.

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