ALAHUNI,(mournful song by women) When a person dies. women cry and often sing songs in chorus in praise Of the deceased. There is a lot of pessimism in, such songs. Generally professional women used to lead in the singing of mourning songs. Guru Nanak used this form of poetry and wrote five hymns in Wadhans Raga. As mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita, the Guru believes in the transitory nature of human existence and the inevitability of death.

He emphasises the utilisation of life for spiritual enlightenment and salvation (p. 579). The Guru reformed the funeral practice. in place of weeping. he exhorted his followers to accept death as a basis, fact and in a spirit or resignation to the Divine Will. Weeping over the death of someone is rejected as a protest against God\’s will. Birth and death are a part of the human condition, for man\’s actions determine his next birth. SO if one gives up artachment and pride and prays to God for His Grace, he may find the way to salvation.

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