BHAGAT BHAGVAN, recipient of one of the bakhshi`shs or seats of the Udasi sect, was a contemporary of Guru Har Rai (1630-61). His original name was Bhagvan Gir. Little is known about his early life except that, according to Udasi sources, he was born in a Brahman family at Bodh Gaya and that he was a Sannyasi sadhu roving in search of spiritual solace. Having heard about Guru Nanak, Bhagvan Gir came to Kiratpur to meet his living successor.

Guru Har Rai, who initiated him a Sikh, renamed him Bhagat Bhagvan and bestowed upon him what is known in Udasi parlance a bakhshish, i.e. blessing or authority to establish preaching centres for the spread of Sikhism. Bhagat Bhagvan preached in the eastern provinces and set up Udasi deras or monasteries at several places. His disciples and successors spread the teaching of Guru Nanak widely in northern India, from Bihar to Sindh.

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